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Why +90 3D Digital Factory?

Engineering and Design

We provide design, 3D scanning, reverse engineering, modeling and quality control services with our experienced team for your product development processes.


Using hybrid technologies, we manufacture parts that are closest to the end-use product for your prototyping needs.

End Use Products

We meet your end-use part needs by using additive manufacturing technologies and traditional production methods.
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3D Printing

With the largest 3D printing production capacity in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, we offer high-quality production from prototype to end-use products with a variety of more than 10 different 3D printing technologies and more than 100 materials.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

As Turkey's first DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) team, we provide you lighter, cheaper, faster production opportunities with high-level designs suitable for additive manufacturing design principles.

Silicone Molding / Vacuum Casting

Using the silicone molding method, we offer you cost and time advantages in your small quantity parts requests from 5 to 100 including complex parts with complex and difficult geometries.

“Customer Satisfaction Rate: Best in class!”

Net Promoter Score: 80

They have a professional approach to additive manufacturing. A very mature approach is taken to guide the design of the parts to be produced and to determine their suitability for the process.
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A quality-sensitive and customer-oriented company
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A company that offers fast and alternative solutions in a short time. When both the service quality and the dedication of the colleagues working in the project department are combined, the result is excellent.
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They provide quality service by quickly adapting to the project with a competent staff who know their job and have industry experience.
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Definitive solution with a result-oriented approach.
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We received 3D print support. Their on-time communication always made us happy.
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Net Promoter Score (NPS)



Since the first day, we have been constantly searching for and implementing ways to improve our quality. With each passing minute, technology is developing at an unstoppable pace and the needs and expectations of our customers are increasing. We constantly improve our knowledge, processes and services and offer higher quality in every project we undertake. As a pioneer and leader in the industry, we have gained an international reputation that we strive to maintain and develop with the advantage of having more than 15 years of experience.

Additive Manufacturing Academy

With our team of nearly 20 years of experience in the field of Additive Manufacturing, we provide competence to companies that want to gain training and experience in additive manufacturing technologies with our beginner, intermediate and advanced training programs.