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We offer low cost, high quality and high speed end user parts service with our Rapid Hybrid Tooling solutions.

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We offer Rapid Hybrid Tooling solutions by combining our high-tech 3D printers and traditional plastic injection method. With these solutions, we offer our customers low-cost, high-quality and fast end-user parts service.

We can process your molds in our machining centers and perfect the details of the mold cores with our other molding machines. We can print up to 1000 tons with our plastic injection presses and produce parts at mass production quality.

We produce mold cores using 4 different technologies: FDM, PolyJet, Metal Laser Sintering and CNC technologies. We enable you to test with real materials by mounting the produced mold cores into mold sets processed with traditional CNC.

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    In addition to all the services that can be offered in traditional molding, from glass fiber added material demands to insert production, you can also find many innovative solutions that cannot be done traditionally, such as conformal cooling channels and dual color production, under the roof of +90 3D Digital Factory.

    Our experienced project team regularly informs you during the production process, offers design suggestions and ensures that your parts are delivered to you in the best conditions. If needed, we can scan your molds or parts with 3D optical scanners for quality control reports.

    We also provide services in other plastic forming methods such as extrusion, blow molding, gas injection and production methods such as aluminum casting and sheet metal forming.


    1- Prototype Molds

    We can add value to your products and processes in the prototype mold phase before mass production. In this phase, where you have the opportunity to test with real materials, you can produce your mold cores with metal sintering or polyjet technology and make changes for revisions. To test your new design, simply reproducing the revised core will be sufficient. We can save you from high revision and stock costs by making a separate mold for large part sizes.

    2- Bridge Productions

    In order not to make your customers aware of potential delays that may occur in the production of mass production molds or to prevent project management from being disrupted, we can produce your bridges with Rapid Hybrid Tooling.

    3- Pre-Series Productions

    Trial production may be needed in some sectors where potential demands cannot be predicted. We provide you with the opportunity to test market demands live with fast mold production. We can print up to 100,000 pieces from coreless molds with simple geometry. We can also offer support at stages after trial production in your product's life cycle.

    4- Boutique Productions

    You can also choose our Rapid Hybrid Tooling solutions for personalized mass production (Mass Customization). We can carry out production by placing predetermined mold cores into ready-made mold sets or with new custom-made cores.


    Plastic automotive interior trim parts

    White goods industry parts suitable for testing

    PMMA and PC transparent lighting parts suitable for optical tests

    Electronic components

    Plastic boxes and containment equipment

    Parts suitable for aluminum and chrome plating