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The highest 3D printing production capacity in Eastern Europe and the Middle East

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In our +90 3D Digital Factory, we have the largest 3D printing production capacity in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We provide 3D printing services in line with your request in our 3D printing factory, which we have created with our 3D printers with different technologies and high-performance materials.

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    FDM Technology

    240 hours of daily production capacity with 10+ industrial grade systems

    Check out our FDM services

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    SAF Technology

    Parts with consistent and repeatable precision for high-volume mass production

    Check out our SAF services


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    PolyJet Technology

    More colorful and realistic productions with PolyJet                                                

    Check out our Polyjet services


    P3 Technology

    Mass production of P3™ Programmable Photopolymerization with outstanding surface quality!

    Check out our P3 services

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    SLS Technology

    For flexible, functional and complex designs


    Check out our SLS services

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    Sand Molding Technology

    We speed up molding and casting processes with Sand Molding Technology.

    Check out our Sand Molding services

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    Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

    For your metal parts production with complex geometry

    Check out our DMLS services

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    Stereolithography Technology (SLA)

    For your high volume parts production                                     

    Check out our SLA services

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    Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

    For your Functional Prototyping part production  

    Check out our MJF services

    Our technology consultants review the .STL data you send to or upload from our Online Offer button. After checking the suitability of 3D data for production, we learn the area where you will use 3D printing. We choose materials and technologies that suit your different requirements, such as being hard, flexible, high-strength, heat-resistant or biocompatible. In our +90 3D Digital Factory, we produce it with the appropriate 3D printer and apply post-processing on 3D printing.

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    Concept Prototypes

    It is the realization of concepts at the idea stage. Concept modeling is widely used in design, engineering and architecture firms to test, prove and fine-tune raw designs.

    Functional Prototypes

    Making moving parts in different materials with professional 3D printers allows manufacturers to produce fully functional prototypes for testing purposes. Rapid prototyping significantly increases efficiency and helps identify errors early in the design process.

    Equipment assisting production

    Professional 3D printers enable manufacturers to produce jigs, fixtures and molds in minutes to hours, significantly reducing production times.

    Mass production

    3D printers can directly create end-use parts without using molds. Rapid manufacturing will become a viable alternative to assembly line production within the next few years. Professional 3D printers are widely used in aerospace, defense, medical, automotive, architectural industries and consumer products.
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    Pricing of 3D printing depends on the 3D printer technology used, material, dimensions of the part, filling ratio, positioning of the part in the printer, surface quality and geometry of the part. Therefore, pricing based on the picture or photograph without seeing the 3D model (CAD data) may not yield accurate results. If your 3D model is ready, you can quickly get a quote from our online quote button or our e-mail address It’s okay if you don’t know the technology or materials you need to use! You can call us at +90 850 502 90 90, our technology consultants will support you.


    Professional 3D printing (advanced additive manufacturing) is industrial grade. It is primarily used for concept prototyping, creating production aids, functional prototypes, and even end-user parts. Professional printers, unlike desktop systems; They are certified systems that use a wide variety of engineering-grade materials, have dimensional accuracy, and proven repeatability and reliability.