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We Customize Your Products with Excellent Surface Quality with 30+ Process Options

ardilislem fdm


Improving the surfaces of prototype parts produced in additive manufacturing technologies is one of the services offered by +90 3D Digital Factory. We give your prototype products an end-user appearance by applying sanding, primer, putty and painting processes to the outer surfaces of parts produced from real engineering materials. During this process, our expert teams work extremely meticulously on the part surface, advancing all details and sensitivities in accordance with the 3D model.

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    We clean the support materials of all the parts we produce in the professional 3D Printer systems we use in our post-processing devices.
    We use the Smooth Station system to improve the surfaces of FDM parts and provide sealing properties. In this way, we can apply surface treatment equally to all surfaces of the parts in a homogeneous manner.
    To paint the additive manufacturing parts we produce, we follow the steps of sanding, primer, putty and paint application, respectively.
    Mirror Mock up

    For detailed information, you can contact our expert project team.