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From a coin to a fighter jet!

High precision 3D scanning service for your reverse engineering, product development and quality control processes
3D Tarama


We can scan any product, from a coin to a fighter jet, with our industrial scanning systems and perform modelling, reverse engineering and 3D quality control.

3D scanning is the fast, consistent and easy creation of a 3D representation of a tangible object for the computer environment. In other words, 3D scanning; It is the first step taken to create CAD data for a part that does not have 3D CAD data.

Object data obtained by 3D scanning is adapted using special software for quality control and reverse engineering applications, according to the customer’s request, or is delivered to the customer in formats such as STL, OBJ without any additional processing.

As +90 3D Digital Factory, we can perform 3D scanning of objects of different sizes, from a pin to a factory, with the different lens heads we have.

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    3D Scanning

    3d tarama

    3D Modeling

    3d modelleme

    3D Quality Control

    3d kalite kontrol


    • Lack of 3D data of the product to be reproduced
    • The original design had insufficient documentation
    • The product the customer needs is no longer produced
    • Analysis of the good and bad features of the competitor product
    • Need for revision in product design
    • Original CAD data is not sufficient for current manufacturing methods
    • Deterioration control in working parts

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