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At +90 3D Digital Factory, we provide design and manufacturing solutions for prototype, pre-series parts and end-use product needs of companies engaged in product development and production with our professional and advanced technological manufacturing methods since 2005.

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We aim to meet the urgent part needs of our customers within the shortest time, with the highest quality and using the most accurate technologies, and even offer more value to our customers by developing new technologies.

In addition to our 3D manufacturing service with the highest production capacity in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, we provide services in traditional production methods and post-processing areas such as CNC, silicone molding and injection molding.

Our 3D scanning, reverse engineering and Design for Additive Manufacturing services enable fast and efficient development of products.

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Our vision is to maintain our leadership in Turkey and become one of the leading innovative 3D digital factories in Europe by providing solutions for our customers’ part needs for prototype, pre-series and end-user products. 


Our mission is to provide quality solutions to our customers’ needs for prototypes, pre-series and end-user products with our 3D printing and emergency rapid molding technologies, to adapt to the changing demands of our customers by maintaining our innovative and flexible approach and to realize their projects quickly.