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Designers and engineers can produce prototypes with properties very similar to their final products with 3D printing technology. Available traditional production options can be either expensive or impractical, especially when it comes to models with rubber-like surfaces and it limits rapid prototyping. Overmolding offers a method for producing rapid prototypes with 3D printing technology of materials with different Shore A values, thus providing a fast and cost-effective way to get feedback on form and texture surface properties during the design process.

In addition, thanks to the PolyJet technology with its high surface quality, color gamut that is divided into 500,000 options in pastel color tones, rigid, flexible, transparent material options, the assembly process of your rapid prototyping needs, which are very difficult to achieve in traditional production methods, are eliminated. Parts with different color, texture and hardness values can be manufactured on the same printing tray at once.

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    You can perform rapid prototyping 3D printed productions in which visuality and functionality are combined with different color, texture structure, and hardness values ​​thanks to color production with the option of color mixing on the same part surface, adjustable Shore A softness and transparent or opaque model combinations.


    Optical glasses

    Toothbrushes and shavers


    Electronic products

    Personal gadgets (phone cases)

    Medical devices

    Dental models

    Water bottles

    Automotive industry etc.