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Victrex AM™ 200

Low melting PAEK FDM Filament: Victrex AM™ 200 is a low melting polyaryletherketone (LMPAEK) thermoplastic FDM material. Designed specifically for additive manufacturing, it offers the benefits of a polyaryletherketone (PAEK) material while addressing the challenges associated with 3D printing of this polymer family, which includes PEEK and PEKK.

VICTREX AM™ 200’s low melt properties make it easier to process than standard PEEK and PEKK materials, increasing its printability. The material has an optimized recrystallization profile that prevents internal stresses and warping. It is ideal for 3D printing applications that require high chemical resistance, exposure to extreme temperatures, abrasion resistance, recyclability and superior mechanical durability.