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Functional Prototype

Helmet Prototype Advanced Prototyping scaled

This stage is usually after a conceptual prototyping has been selected. When developing the visual form of a prototype, the determined dimensional accuracy is evaluated in congruence. The design can be approved after determining the functional requirements. With design and dimensional verifications, numerous tests can be applied on the product before your product is put on the market. In this way, mass production takes place in line with the reassuring results of the designer and engineer team for the accuracy and suitability of the product.

High performance prototypes that you can produce with FDM, SLS or DMLS, which are among the Additive Manufacturing technology methods, in line with the materials that can be a solution to the application you need; it can withstand various thermal, chemical, and mechanical tests and provide you with the most accurate performance data for your final product.

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    Medical Part Hands ULTEM™ 1010 Resin

    Thermal Expansion Control

    By obtaining the most realistic results with the mechanical and thermal resistance tests applied to your prototype products with the same size, geometry and material as your final product, you can achieve the best result by making improvements in your product development processes by predicting the problems or problems during the test.

    Simulate Your Assembled Parts

    You can simulate the real working environment by manufacturing the prototype of your assembled parts. You can check whether the design or dimensions of your part are suitable for assembly by producing a repeatable dimensionally accurate prototype with the final user product features.

    Durability Test

    In durability tests, for example aerodynamic resistance and tunnel testing, you can use prototype parts for applications that require both high strength and light material. Thus, for situations like the geometric design or material you need to develop in your product during the testing phase, you can decide on a more precise and accurate final product.