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Conceptual Prototyping

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Conceptual prototyping, which is one of the application areas of Additive Manufacturing technologies is a fast, easy and cost effective way to turn your great ideas into successful products for many industries, especially automotive, medical, aerospace & aviation, consumer products and education. It offers the ability to produce and assess repeatable high accuracy products to test your newest ideas and measure the performance of your product before mass production. Thus, you can ensure that your products are released to the market faster than ever before. With rapid prototyping, you can save time and advance your projects with a successful final product without unexpected problems after production that can be costly.

Conceptual prototyping is a process in which you can quickly repeat your initial designs. In this way, while designers are in the trial and error phase, they can calculate the processes such as form and size in their products and reach the perfect product at the lowest cost.

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    With Polyjet, one of the most advanced 3D printing technologies, you can combine multiple colors and materials on the same part and produce lightweight models by interfering with the fill rate. You can also have models with various textures and realistic surface properties.

    As with traditional production methods, you can produce models directly from your CAD design in any geometry you want, with the 3D printing’s freedom of design of without the need for any mold. You no longer have to create limited designs by adapting your parts to the mold or thinking about the geometry your machine can provide. You can produce protototype products that combine visuality and functionality at a much faster and more affordable cost than traditional production methods can offer.


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    Source Of Inspiration

    With 3D printing, you can produce realistic prototypes of your dream product with the combination of color, texture, surface and mechanical properties, and make rapid improvements on your products as you develop new ideas.

    Opportunity Of Fast Launch To The Market

    Instead of waiting for your mass productions to hit the market, you can get fast reactions in the field of marketing strategy by producing real visual and functional prototypes of your final product and promoting it in fairs or webinars.

    Sensitive Architectural Works

    You can turn your models with dimensional accuracy, which you have created in the CAD design environment, into reality with 3D printing.