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Apparatus and Fixture Production

BMW Fdm Jig Hands Jigs and Fixtures

Apparatus and fixtures are manufacturing aids that enable you to manufacture and deliver your products in a high quality, safe and repeatable manner. Although they are often used together, there are distinct differences between the terms apparatus and fixture. Apparatuses are used to control the motion and position of the work package during the operation time. At the same time, it provides accuracy, repeatability and interchangeability in the product while increasing efficiency in the manufacturing of products. Fixtures are used in the manufacturing process or other industrial processes to place work packages in the correct location and hold them in a fixed position. Also, it ensures the continuity of quality and the production of a wide variety of parts with the right properties while reducing production costs. Non-standard fixtures are designed and manufactured for a specific operation taking place on a particular machine used in the production area.

Apparatus and fixtures produced with 3D printing technologies open up new opportunities for production.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, shortens delivery time and reduces production cost with reduced material consumption, increased performance and efficiency compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Production with 3D printing technologies is a very easy process and has a wide range of materials that can meet the requirements of the part. Your apparatus and fixtures can be produced according to your needs with 3D printing technologies.

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    Assembly Fixtures

    Paint Fixtures

    Cooling Fixtures

    Alignment Fixtures

    Welding Fixtures

    Drilling / Trimming Fixtures

    Apparatus Holders

    Masking Fixtures

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    • 3D printing technologies reduce cost and delivery time while eliminating design limitations for your tool and fixture needs.
    • Choosing 3D printing technologies in apparatus and fixture production offers advantages that traditional manufacturing methods with high cost and uncertain results cannot offer.
    • With our rapid-manufacturing solutions, we can produce apparatus and fixtures for your needs such as positioning, placing, lifting and protection in your production areas.
    • In cases where conventional fixture and apparatus manufacturing is expensive and slow, we can fulfill your needs with the parts we will produce in 3D Printer.
    • You can benefit from additive manufacturing technologies due to both speed and cost advantages in low-life and infrequently used apparatus and frequent product cycles.
    • It is important for our users who carry out R&D activities to prepare apparatus, fixtures, molds and drafts at the right tolerances in order to increase productivity. At this point, our professional 3D printers with very high repeatability come to the rescue.
    • With our FDM, SLS and CNC infrastructures, we can produce rational solutions in many areas.

    Design Freedom

    As the designs of apparatus and fixtures become more complex, the use of 3D printing technologies in the manufacturing process becomes almost mandatory. By choosing 3D printing technologies instead of traditional manufacturing methods, you can go beyond the design limitations of traditional manufacturing methods such as CNC milling, take advantage of the almost limitless design freedom opportunities that 3D printing gives you, and save time and cost.

    BMW Jig With Bumper Jigs and
    BMW 14 Jigs and Fixtures 1

    More Durable Component Parts

    The ability to manufacture apparatus and fixtures with additive manufacturing technology without design limitations significantly reduces assembly time. Using 3D printing technologies, your complex designs can be produced in one piece. In this way, the assembly time, which is a result of the constraints of traditional manufacturing methods, is eliminated and you can have more durable parts in a short time.

    Weight Reduction

    One of the advantages of apparatus and fixture production with 3D printing technologies is the ability to reduce the weight at the desired rate. Durable plastics are an excellent alternative to traditional metal cutting processes. Up to 70% lighter parts can be produced with 3D printing technologies. Parts that are lighter compared to heavy metal parts allow your workers to move parts easier in the production area. In addition, while lighter parts provide ease of use, they can have the same functions as metal parts.

    BMW 5 Jigs and Fixtures 1
    BMW 2 Jigs and

    Production As Much As The Needs

    Your apparatus and fixtures can be produced between 1-100 pieces according to your needs with 3D printing technologies. Our easy access to digital files allows us to produce your production aids whenever you need them. Also, changes can be made on these files according to your needs easily and quickly.

    Eliminating The Machining Need

    If your parts are designed with tolerances of +/- 0.005 or +/- 0.0015 inches or greater, you can receive your parts directly from 3D printers without the need for additional processing. Post-processing can be applied to your 3D printing parts as needed or as desired.

    BMW 7 Jigs and
    ABS CF10 Fuel Pipe


    Your apparutus and fixtures can be easily customized thanks to CAD files arranged by your designers according to your requests before each production process. Fixtures can be produced cost-effectively for every individual user and project need. Customized manufacturing aids enable you to better control work packages in operation processes and increase accuracy in operations.