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We Accelerate Your Molding And Casting Processes With Sand Molding Technology

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We quickly meet your metal casting needs with Sand Molding technology, which accelerates sand casting and investment casting methods, which are traditional production methods widely used in the world. We produce with the principle of combining finely particle wax-based plastic or sand materials with resin layer by layer.

  • After the mold-free production of wax-based material with Additive Manufacturing technology, metal parts can be obtained by precision casting method. While this aspect of Sand Molding technology is useful for quickly obtaining first parts in the aviation, automotive and machinery industries, it can also enable production in very complex forms in fields such as the film industry, architecture and art.
  • By combining silica sand with resin in a 3D Printer and producing it layer by layer, we serve many different sectors, especially the casting, heavy metal, automotive and defense industries, in prototype and boutique production phases.
  • We quickly cast metals such as aluminum, cast iron, ductile iron and stainless steel into sand molds obtained by Sand Molding. We also produce the sand cores required to obtain complex geometries very precisely.
  • We make the wax models we produce ready for investment casting with options such as post-processing and wax infiltration.
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    Complex sand molds and precision cores

    Production of models obtained as a result of topology optimization in the defense and aerospace industry

    Production without mold investment for small quantity needs

    High precision wax models and enhanced titanium and inconel parts

    Fragile sand core solutions for use in composite part production

    Economical architectural operations integrated with reverse engineering for restoration and similar renovation works

    Economical solutions for 3D printing of film industry and artistic works

    Engine part molds used in the automotive and aviation industries

    (Turbocharger, Impeller, Manifold, Gear Box, Cylinder Head, Pump, Waterjackets, …)