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Extrusion Molding


Production of plastic products by extrusion method is a widely used manufacturing method in the plastic industry.

Extrusion molds are the molds that have mold cavities suitable for the geometric properties of the plastic part in order to produce the desired properties in extrusion machines, and are generally used in the production of profiles, plates and pipes.

Thanks to metal additive manufacturing technology, you can produce extrusion molds faster than traditional mold manufacturing methods and ensure that your products come to the market faster. You can shorten the delivery time of your products.

Extrusion molds can cause problems when milling with CNC due to limited geometry capacity. 3D metal printing eliminates these obstacles and enables the production of metal extrusion molds with complex geometry.

Metal 3D printing reduces part lead times and costs, and allows rapid repetition and improvement of mold design.

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