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DEFINITION OF RESPONSIBILITIES: Artıdoksan A.Ş.  is responsible as the manufacturer of the product(s) subject to the offer. The following articles describe the responsibilities of the Customer under the conditions in which he orders the product(s) subject to the offer and uses them under his own control. Artıdoksan A.Ş.  is only obliged to produce the product(s) for the parts mentioned in the order. In case of a design change, separate pricing and production will be made for the new product(s). As soon as the customer receives the product(s) he ordered, he must pass it through quality control and notify Artıdoksan A.Ş.  of his confirmation that he has received the product and that the product is suitable before putting it into use. If the Customer does not notify this approval, he/she is deemed to have accepted the product, and Artıdoksan A.Ş.  does not accept responsibility. Artıdoksan A.Ş.’s liability is limited to the price of the product(s) subject to the offer, depending on the cause of the claim, in case of proven and actual damage. Damage caused by the product falling due to gravity and fraudulent damage are not included in the definition of damage. In silicone molding projects, silicone molds are the property of Artıdoksan A.Ş.  and will not be delivered to the Customer unless otherwise stated. Only the castings made in the molds are delivered to the Customer. If the silicone mold does not deteriorate, it will be kept for 6 months and the customer can have additional castings done for a fee. Artıdoksan A.Ş.  cannot be sued for damages and is not directly liable in cases described below that do not cause direct damage: a) Increased costs, b) Planning errors, c) Loss of income, d) Loss of customers, e) Financial or commercial losses.

Artıdoksan A.Ş.  cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by cargo and courier companies during the shipment of the product.

DELIVERY CONDITIONS: Artıdoksan A.Ş.  is responsible for delivering the product(s) subject to the offer to the Customer within the periods specified in the offer, by the method specified by the Customer in his order (cargo, courier or pick-up).

Delivery time may vary depending on the delivery time of the cargo and courier companies to the Customer’s region. Artıdoksan A.Ş.  cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the cargo and courier company. Payment of shipping and courier fees is the responsibility of the Customer unless otherwise stated.

PAYMENT TERMS: Our prices are in Euro and do not include VAT. Unless stated otherwise, payments are made to Artıdoksan A.Ş.  via bank transfer within 10 (ten) days from the invoice date at the latest. For every 10 (ten) business days delayed, 5% late payment interest is applied.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION: When the customer gives his order confirmation, he definitively accepts the items described above and confirms that he will not hold Artıdoksan A.Ş.  responsible in cases related to the items described above. Artıdoksan A.Ş.  and the Customer shall first endeavor to settle amicably between themselves any disputes arising from the application and interpretation of this agreement. Istanbul Central Court and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve disputes that cannot be resolved amicably.

OFFER VALIDITY PERIOD: Unless stated otherwise, the validity period of Artıdoksan A.Ş.  offers is 10 days.

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