Voxeljet is a technology that accelerates the sand casting and the precision casting which are the traditional manufacturing methods. We can manufacture metal parts rapidly in +90 3D Digital Factory.
  Wax-based plastic or sand in particle form is hardened with resin layer by layer. After the wax-based material is manufactured without a mold by using Voxeljet technology, metal parts can be manufactured with precision casting.
  Prototypes can be manufactured with Voxeljet for the aviation, automotive and machine industry rapidly. Also, complex geometries can be manufactured for the movie industry, architecture, and art.
  We make casting with such as aluminum, cast iron, nodular cast iron, stainless steel to the sand molds which was manufactured with Voxeljet. Besides, required sand molds for the complex geometries can be manufactured precisely.
  We prepare the wax model to the precision casting by applying wax infiltration and post-processes.


  Complex sand molds and precision cores
  Motor parts molds used in automotive and aviation industry
(Turbocharger, Impeller, Manifold, Gear Box, Cylinder Head, Pump, Waterjackets, …)
  Production of the models obtained from the topology optimization in defense and aerospace industry
  Mold investment free production for low volume production needs
  High-precision wax models and upgraded titanium, Inconel parts
  Breakable sand core solutions for using in composite part production
  Economic architectural operations integrated with reverse engineering for restoration and renovation works
  Economic solutions for 3D printing of film industry and artistic works