Quality Management

Our services are tailored to fit your dynamic needs.
From prototype to production, our systems ensure you receive your parts according to your exact specifications.
We implement a robust quality assurance process during the incoming, in process and final production stages of your project.
Applying lean manufacturing principles, we improve our system and maintain sustainability.

ISO 9001:2015


Customer Orientation

To provide customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services to the customer by understanding the expectations of the customer correctly; to improve customer and company by taking all necessary measures in accordance with the principles of transparency, impartiality, confidentiality, accessibility, integrity, equality and sensitivity by evaluating customer feedback objectively.

Quality Management System

To ensure the adoption of the quality management system and to increase its efficiency continuously by prioritizing quality service.

Active Management

To increase communication, cohesion, and cooperation among the employees and to ensure that the objectives and objectives of the company are reached efficiently.

Continuous Improvement and Productivity

To be a constantly developing organization with knowledge and technology-based approaches by keeping team spirit at the highest level.

Risk Management

Identify and periodically review risks to mitigate potential risks to meet the Company’s objectives.

Occupational Health and Safety

To provide absolute harmony to the principles of occupational health and safety based on human factors in all activities of the company.

Environmental Consciousness

To ensure that all employees adopt environmental protection and development awareness.

Compliance with Standards and Rules

To ensure that all personnel are supported by trainings and work in accordance with standard work steps and company procedures.

Collaboration with Controllers

To ensure that all personnel is in cooperation with the authority, company and customers’ quality controllers.


To encourage reporting of relevant improvement opportunities to support continuous development.