Point cloud data that is acquired by 3D optic scanning and CAD model of the object is compared, and differences are presented as a quality control report. 3D quality control report which is prepared with 3D scanning data has high accuracy, and it can be prepared in a short time. If you want to determine the geometric measurements and tolerances in a project, these measurements should be identified to the software. The number of identified measurements don’t affect the measurement time.

3 Scanning should be used to measure the deviation between the object that doesn’t have CAD data and prototype to calculate the accuracy of the production. 3D scanning gives better results in comparison with traditional measurement methods for the quality control reports.

We can prevent the user-independent deviations and imperfections and create solutions at every stage of the production from the mold deformation to functionality tests with the quality control reports that are prepared by making a comparison between the point cloud data and the CAD data.

Deviations are shown in a color map in the quality control reports. Areas with no deviation are shown as green and areas with a high deviation are shown blue or red. There will be graphics, pictures, and tables in your quality control reports.


  We prepare quality control reports to check the accuracy of the machining or molds of your parts by using 3D scanning technology.
  You can check the accuracy of your parts in your production lines and continue to work with confidence to your molds or production line.
  You can be sure of the quality of the parts that are delivered from different suppliers which belong to a great system before assembly by using 3D scanning and quality control reports.
  You can continue to work on the production of the parts which have tight tolerances in a more controlled manner.