Reverse engineering process starts with the 3D scanning the object with 3D optic scanners. Projector rays are sent onto the object intermittently and cameras on the scanner take multiple poses. Numerical points are obtained from the poses. A numerical model is created by using the data from the 3D scanning. Cross-sections are obtained from the data with the reverse engineering software. Surface and solid models are prepared with 3-dimensional modeling in CAD platform. Alternatively, point cloud data of the complex geometries can be created rapidly with the fast surface creating methods. High surface quality cannot be obtained. However, there is a high similarity between the surface data and the object surface. This method is used if the customer demands. Modeling method changes according to the part geometry, sensitivity, cost, and application. Final data becomes ready to 3D modeling. You can reproduce your object by using this data.

Reverse engineering is used to create 3D digital models from physical objects. The object is scanned by the 3D optic scanners, point cloud data is obtained and the 3D model is created respectively. It can be used if you need revision on the product design, improvements, comparison with competitor’s product or reproduction.


  3D scanning and reverse engineering services can be used to create 3D data of an object to archive or transfer in computer platform.

  Broken mechanical parts of your machines or systems can be reproduced by using the CAD data that we create by using 3D scanning. Also, we can manufacture your parts with our 3D printing technologies.

  The performance of the equivalent products on the market can be observed and compared with the CAD data of your products during the product development process.

  Reverse engineering service can be used for the objects without the 3D data. Revisions can be made on the parts and they can be turned into a new product by making changes.

  Analysis can be made between your product and supplier’s product with the reverse engineering service.


Nurbs Modeling

Not only the geometric forms which have a mathematical formula such as a cone, cylinder, and sphere but also the unique geometric forms can be represented.

Class-A Modeling

High surface quality can be obtained at the outer parts of the end-user products. The distinctive feature that causes the different surface model quality is the quality of the transition between the mutual boundary of the surfaces.

How Can I Demand the Reverse Engineering Service?

You can send a picture of your parts with dimensions to and ask an offer from us.