Post Processing & Paint Shop

Post processing is a service that we provide as the +90 3D Digital Factory to increase the surface quality of prototypes.

We provide your prototype products to end user look and feel by applying sandpaper, primer and paint on external surfaces of the parts produced from engineering-grade thermoplastics. During this process, our expert teams work very precisely on the surface of 3D printed parts, by guiding all the details of the 3D model.

How We Apply Post Processing

We clean all the 3D printed parts by applying post-processes. Also, we have special post process devices to solve the support structures of professional FDM and Polyjet technology.

We use Smooth Station System to increase the surface quality and impermeability of the FDM parts. Thus, surface improvement can be applied to all surfaces equally.

We follow the steps of sandpapering, priming, and painting application to apply post-processing over 3D printed parts. A summary of these steps;

Sandpapering: It is the first process that we apply after the support material cleaning of the 3D printed parts, and it is the stage that the layer marks are removed.

Priming: This process consolidates the surface and increases the lifetime of the painting. During this process, we provide you that defects on the part are made visible.

Painting: After the applied sandpapering and priming operations, we apply a topcoat paint process when 3D printed parts reach the desired smooth surface. Share the RAL code with us and leave the rest to our expert team.

Painting Time: All the steps we have mentioned above are done with the skilled hands of our expert team; therefore, the processing time varies depending on the complexity, dimensions, manufacturing technology and material of 3D printed parts. For more information, you can contact our expert team.