Prototype Molds

We can add value your products and process with the prototype molds before mass production and after the prototypes. You can test your actual material and manufacture your mold cores by metal sintering or Polyjet for the possible revisions. If you want to make changes, only revised mold core can be manufactured without the new mold set cost, and you can test your new design.

Bridge Manufacturing

We can make your bridge manufacturing with aluminum hybrid molding if you don’t want to face problems because of the potential delay of the mass production molds or prevent the delays on project management. When you satisfy the needs for certification, material and life tests, you create additional time for the mass production molds.

Pre-Series Manufacturing

Some sectors that have difficulties to predict the potential consumer demands may need the trial manufacturing. You can test the demands on the market with the molds that we manufacture. When we consider the fact that 75.000 of units can be manufactured with a mold that doesn’t have complex geometries, we can support all the following phases of your product life cycle after the trial manufacturing.

Low Volume Manufacturing

You can prefer the rapid molding for the mass customization. We can assemble the predetermined mold cores or customized new cores to the prepared molds sets and manufacture the parts. We can manufacture your mold cores with 4 different technology. The first method is manufacturing the molds by using biocompatible ULTEM 1010 material with FDM technology and manufacturing parts with the molds by using PP or similar thermoplastics. Another method is manufacturing mold by using Digital ABS material with Polyjet and manufacturing your parts with different plastics. Lastly, we can manufacture mold cores for a simple design by using metal sintering technology or CNC machines.

Do You Know That

We are combining the high technology 3D printers and injection molding which is a traditional manufacturing method to manufacture end-user parts with low cost and high quality by creating hybrid molding solutions for the professional industries.

We can machine your molds by using the CNC machines and make perfect the mold details by using the erosion counter. We can manufacture parts in mass production quality with our 500-ton injection molding presses.

We can test your actual materials which will be used in mass production by assembling 3D Printed mold cores to the mold sets that machined with CNC.

You can find all the services that can be given by the traditional molding from the fiberglass mixed material demands to the inserted manufacture. Besides, we can give services that traditional molding cannot give such as cooling channels and innovative solution as the +90 Digital Factory.

Our experienced project management team updates you at every stage of mold manufacturing, gives recommendations about the design and organizes the delivery with the best conditions in the quality instructions. We can prepare quality control reports by using the 3D scanner to scan the molds or parts if it is needed.

Manufacturing with Aluminum Hybrid Molding

What We Produce with Aluminum Hybrid Molding?

Plastic automotive inner trim parts

White good parts for different tests

Transparent lightening parts with the PMMA and PC

Electronic components

Plastic boxes and conservation equipments

Suitable parts for aluminum and chrome covering