Product Development: Mechanical Design and Engineering

+90 3D Digital Factory provides mechanical design and manufacturing model formation services besides the 3D printing, rapid tooling, and reverse engineering services.

We make mechanical designs for your industrial designed products and start manufacturing.

We make mechanical designs for your low volume part needs by considering the 3D printing limitations and continue with the right solutions especially for the defense, medical and electronic industries.

You can continue to work with our expert team when you have conflicts about the critical function ideas or mechanical model designs.

Mechanical Design Expertise Especially in the Following Areas

Simulated panel manufacturing (3D modeling with reverse engineering, mechanical modeling, panel, analog indicator, and sheet metal manufacturing)

Box designing and manufacturing for the electronic, optic, information safety systems of the defense industry

Designing and manufacturing scaled models and mock-ups for the defense industry

Dressing parts designs for the needs of the medical industry

Box designing and manufacturing for the electronics