Silicone Model Production

Thanks to the silicone model production, the silicone parts you need are produced quickly, without the need for molds, by saving cost and time with zero waste.

  Real silicone material used in traditional production methods
  Compliant with ISO DIN EN 10993-05 / 10993-10 Quality standards
  Shore values ​​A15, A35, A50
  The highest accuracy is 0.1mm


  Flexible Parts

Audiology and Orthodontics: It offers fast solutions that make your life easier with personalized audiology products and orthodontic products.

Medical Education Models: You can produce medical products; surgical training, organ and tissue models

  From Prototypes to End Use Parts

Introduction to Mass Production: You can produce end-use silicone products with high dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Products for aviation, automotive, decoration and many industries can be quickly produced from silicone without the need for molds.

Sealing Solutions: Silicone model production offers quick solutions to avoid sealing problems with high surface quality and high accuracy.

Consumer Goods: Optically transparent silicones allow the production of a variety of consumer products from home appliances to baby care products.

  Flexible Robotic Product

With 3D silicon model production, flexible robotic products with complex geometry and repeatable dimensional accuracy can be produced.

  Hobby Purpose

Thanks to the freedom of design provided by 3D printing technology, you can produce toys, masks and make entertainment more personal and accessible.

  Special Medical Products

With biocompatible and quality certified silicone materials, you can produce dimensionally accurate, flexible and customized medical devices.


It is an additive manufacturing technology that enables direct manufacturing of silicone material without any molds suitable for industrial and medical applications.